The outsider in the premium sneaker world: Hi-Tec.
With Hi-Tec as the name, your sneakers must be top of the bill in terms of technology and innovation. She has been doing that for more than 40 years. From England they conquer the world with their idiosyncratic designs. Exactly the brand that fits in the THBX collection. Outstanding models that become the eye-catcher of your streetwear outfit.

Each shoe stands out with a tech look. Materials, graphics, silhouettes and clean lines make it look like Marty McFLy brought the sneaker back from the year 2042.
We focus the spotlights on two models:
The Badwater 146 is an all-time classic. Loved for its comfort by endurance running athletes and appreciated for its looks by sneakerheads with an eye for style.

Made for the long long long distance run, so really a model for the long long long lifespan. A cool retro runner with new cool colorways every drop.

With that beautiful suede, that good shape, those technical details, overall great! The Vibram sole provides maximum comfort and completes the futuristic look. You must have this bulky model from Hi-Tec.