Libertine Libertine

Libertine Libertine is the crème de la crème of modern street fashion. Founders Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz and Ovesen believe that fashion has no rules. Since 2009, their starting point has been total freedom, the name says it all!

The men draw inspiration from the American Beat movement. Art, literature and music from the 50s and 60s form the basis of the street scene that Libertine Libertine has in mind. The classic items from the past are brought to today.

Fashion is creative freedom. Each item is different and radiates individuality.
What they actually want to say: Walk to your closet, grab a cool shirt and do your thing!
And then look at that shirt: refined fabrics, striking graphics and striking clothes. You just know you've got something special.

Libertine Libertine is perfect for layering. Layer by layer you create an outfit to die for. First a clean white shirt, followed by a stylish Hunter button-down shirt. You top it off with a shirt jacket with cool details. The working day can begin. At the weekend you replace the shirt with a Cave of Babylon Shirt and you can take a step outside.