PAL Sporting Goods

PAL stands for Palmer and Lola Sporting Goods and brings together Family & Quality in American Sportswear.

Family is the basis of this Dutch brand. It starts with a family feeling and a shared passion for sports. Translated into casual wear with a nod to America, wearable for everyone. At PAL, participating is more important than winning, and where fun in the game and in life is the most important thing. There is therefore no difference between ''Champs and Chumps'' as PAL's slogan goes.

Quality is reflected in self-produced fabrics of the highest quality so that the items last generation after generation. You immediately feel this in the heavy fabrics up to 550 grams used in the brand's iconic crewnecks and hoodies.

For us, it is ultimately about timeless items for all occasions. Each collection finds its inspiration in a different sport, whether skiing, water sports, ping pong or any other sport. Whether you are a fanatic or less fanatical athlete. We are happy to share Palmer and Lola sporting goods with our THBX family.